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1. One-hour post-appointment, blot your brows with clean tissue to remove lymph fluid. If it dries on your brows, it’ll create larger scabs, and the brows will peel and flake more. Reapply aftercare balm if needed.

2. Within a few hours post-appointment, wash your brows with the aftercare soap provided using the following method:


A. Wash hands

B. Get a TINY bit of soap and some water OUTSIDE OF SHOWER

C. Wash gently in direction of the hair. It’s a LIGHT swipe, just to help remove excess oil, bacteria, etc.

D. RINSE THOROUGHLY. Cup your hands with water and rinse to make sure all soap is removed.

E. Pat dry with a clean paper towel



3. Wash morning and night for 10 days

4. Apply balm morning and night for 10 days (you will have enough left over for touchup if used correctly.) RICE GRAIN amount will cover BOTH brows. NOT rice grain on each.

5. No getting them wet other than washing OUTSIDE of the shower. This includes shower, sweating, sauna, hot tub, ETC.

6. No direct sunlight for 2 weeks

7. NO MAKEUP. LOTION. FACE WASH. SERUMS. SHAMPOO. CONDITIONER Etc can touch them for two whole weeks. After that, avoid all products on them that include active ingredients (acne or anti-aging products) 8. NO picking or scratching at scabs. DO NOT sleep on the face!​

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